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List of artworks by artist Zenoy

Urban contemporary artist, Zenoy develops since 1988 a visual writing inspired by the technique of writing born in Philadelphia in the late 1960s. At the crossroads of multiple influences, musical and plastic, his art is expressed by a constant search around the world. letter to build a stylized personal writing.

If the artist evolves today in galleries, his work finds its origin in the action in vandal mode, with first graffiti on the subway or trains.

Today the art of graffiti is an integral part of his life. In addition to the street, a real engine for Zenoy, he has devoted himself for more than 15 years to graffiti on canvas and participates in many contemporary exhibitions.
The works of Zenoy on canvas are constantly renewed experiences whose search for the lines of force associated with the blends of colors sign a sparkling style resolutely actual.

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