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List of artworks by artist Gregos

Walls and faces ...

Permanent Artist Joel Knafo Art Gallery, Gregos, gives a new dimension to the art of the street.

His face, present more than 1000 times on the walls of the world, travels and shares his moods from Athens to Berlin or from Los Angeles to London.

Sometimes smiling, sometimes angry, and often facetious, the faces of Gregos never leave indifferent and instantly cause the passer-by. The most daring "customizes" while tourists immortalize by photographing at his side.
Today, if the street remains Gregos' favorite playground, his faces and installations find a place of choice among collectors. From his casts, initially cast, to the most noble materials (Bronze, Crystal, chrome) Gregos explores new materials, develops new processes that sign works evolving between tradition and modernity.

"The walls had ears, they now have faces"
Do not hesitate to contact us to discover all of his work.

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